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Stone jewelry

whether hand-chosen or hand-cut, our gemstone jewelry  captures the natural essence of the earth from which it came.

stone earrings cut juniper ridge golden


we hand pick raw stone to work with that has unique color, quality and quirkiness to be able to offer you a singular line of jewelry -- wearble wonders of nature.  We carefully pair each set of gemstone pendants with complementary stone beads, and accent each with sterling or 14kt gold-filled signature studio-made earwires.

Here we offer two distict lines of stone earrings from our studio --

the                                          allows us to pair with partner lapidarists, from whom we choose the top cut of their stone work to bring you a wide variety of aesthetics and style.  All are carefully coupled with metals and stone beads to accentuate their natural beauty.

The                                          exclusively includes gemstones that have been hand-selected, then hand-cut, -shaped and -polished in our own studio, drawing out the captivating nature of each stone.  Using traditional lapidary saws, grinding and polishing wheels, we embue a little extra love into each stone we finish ourselves.

each design is unique, and comes from our two hearts... 

stone earrings precut chevron amethyst

the curated   collection


The created


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