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from "heart bead"

        to "two hearts arts"

...always creating from the heart!

Kim and Greg have worked side-by-side in the studio for over twenty years, as glass beadmakers, lapidary workers, metalsmiths, and jewelry designers.  Their journey began as together they opened one of California’s premier bead stores in the North Coast town of Arcata -- Heart Bead -- a retail spot that celebrated 30 years on the downtown Plaza in 2020.  Their line of lampwork glass jewelry naturally evolved from their glass studio work, and expanded their creative reach from their little corner of Northern California, to across the US and abroad.  


Although they relocated to Napa Valley in 2014, having passed the store to a talented new owner, their creative drive never waned, and their new-found freedom has expanded their focus, with new emphasis on gemstones, woodworking, handwrought metal techniques, and new iterations of glasswork.  Now, Two Heart Arts has sprung from their creative past, both from their retail storefront, and as Heart Bead Art Glass studio.


Still working shoulder-to-shoulder in their new studio space, the two enjoy bouncing ideas off of each other, sharing newly developed techniques and love challenging each other to create new and original work.  Expect the unexpected!

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